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About Us

Who we are is a Miami-based online store, providing you with jewelry and crafts that portray the traditional essence of the majestic South American Andes. Our website offers a colorful array of beautifully handmade products, intricately created by the hands of local artisans from Peru, Guatemala, and other southern countries.
Mia Jewel Shop Handmade Jewelry Miami

Our Story

Natives from developing communities uniquely craft each individual product with extraordinary skill, patience, and compassion. They take full advantage of the inspirations and natural resources found in the kaleidoscopic jungles of South America. With complete regards and respect to the environment and the life of these organisms, no living creature has or will be harmed in the production of our crafts.

Our company practices a fair trade system with these developing countries, a social movement with the goal to help those local artisans and producers achieve better trading conditions and to ultimately promote sustainable living. We truly value and look forward to strengthening our relationship with these artisans, gaining everyday inspiration through their art as we help each other progress.

Our mission

Mia Jewel Shop aims to make a big difference, we strive to create and maintain happy customers and happy artisans.

Our purpose is to provide our customers with a positive and smooth one-stop shopping experience, whether they seek gifts for themselves or for their beloved friends and/or family. We offer a variety of collections including artisan jewelry, accessories, bags, toys, musical instruments, and other handicrafts. Mia Jewel Shop promises to treat every single one of your orders with our up-most standards, striving to provide our customers with the highest quality product and the best customer service we can offer.

When we have satisfied customers it goes all the way back to our producers, spreading happiness across the globe. Our goal is to improve their livelihoods by helping the growth of their market; we aim to develop opportunities for disadvantaged producers and raise awareness among consumers about ways to reach out to those in need.

You can make a difference with us, too.

As a fair trade consumer, you can make a difference too. Choose to have a significant impact on developing countries, supporting small farms and artisans by purchasing their beautiful products. Help reverse the environmental degradation and injustices of the inequitable system known today. Improve living conditions and ensure safe work settings for those in need. Inspire others to follow this movement of fair trade, and in return it benefits us all.